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Church on the Move

We Are On The Move
Living Faith is on the move. We are always on the move as Christ’s Hands and Feet in this world, but we will literally be moving to a new space in the month of August. Christ Family Church has signed a contract with Tradition Land Development to purchase Tradition Town Hall. Our contract with them will conclude on August 17th. New worship space has been secured as a temporary solution until we are able to worship in our own facility on the Living Faith Church property located at the corner of SW Community Blvd and SW Rowley Way in Tradition. To help prepare for the move, make sure you mark your calendars for 2 important dates:

Sunday, August 13th: On this day, Living Faith will hold it’s final Sunday worship at Tradition Town Hall. At the conclusion of worship, we will pray together in thanksgiving to God for allowing us the opportunity to worship in this space for the past 3 years. In addition, we will pray for the ministry of Christ Family Church as they will be the new owners of the space. From there, we will all hop into our cars (carpools will be available) and literally follow the physical cross out of this space and over to the new space located at the Creative Catering Banquet facility in St. Lucie West (see map on back page). When we arrive, we will follow the cross into our new worship space, open in prayer and celebrate with a light brunch.

Sunday, August 20th: On this day, Living Faith will hold it’s first Sunday worship at the Creative Catering Banquet facility located in St. Lucie West. We will open in dedicating and blessing this new facility that will serve as our place of physical worship.

You will be receiving additional information over the coming weeks, and for now please make sure you mark these dates on your calendar. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with Pastor Maryanne or one of your Congregation Council Members.

The new location will be in St Lucie West at: 2000 NW Courtyard Circle (adjacent to the Spring Hill Suites Hotel and between Outback Steakhouse and Chili’s. The new location is only 5.6 miles from Town Hall and takes 11 minutes to drive there from the Town Hall.