bringing faith and community together.


What time is worship service held?

Worship Service is held every Sunday, 10:00 AM at the Creative Catering Banquet Hall at the Marriott SpringHill Suites in St. Lucie West.

Where is Creative Catering Banquet Hall Located?

The Creative Catering Banquet Hall at the Marriott SpringHill Suites is conveniently located in St. Lucie West.


How long is the worship service?

Worship Service usually runs for approximately one hour.

What should I wear to worship service?

When you walk in the doors at Living Faith Church, you’ll see a wide variety of clothing choices, from shorts and flip-flops to dresses and ties. Be comfortable! What’s most important is that you come, lean in, and experience God’s amazing and unconditional love.  It’s not about what you wear but who you are – God’s beloved child.

What kind of things do you do in your worship service?

We strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Living Faith Church. To begin, we share announcements and church news; we sing and listen to beautiful music; we share the congregation’s joys and concerns and lift them to God in prayer; we read the Bible and talk about it through the sermon; we collect an offering to further God’s work; and we receive communion weekly.

Is there music at your worship service?

Yes! Music is an integral part of our worship service.  Living Faith Church enjoys a variety of different musical styles and instruments. Music and lyrics are carefully chosen to reflect the scripture reading for the day.

Can anyone receive communion?

Yes! We receive Communion each week as a reminder of God’s gift to us in Jesus Christ. We believe in open communion – that means that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is welcome to receive Communion, whether they are a church member or not.

Do I have to belong to a denomination to attend?

Not at all! In fact, many in our congregation come from a church background other than Lutheran. We have many former Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Baptists and non-denominationals. We are a community of people with different church backgrounds “woven together” by God’s grace.

What do you offer children on Sundays?

Children are a special part of our congregation and we value them as full participants in the life of our church.  The morning worship service includes a Children’s Sermon, provided by the Pastor Maryanne. All children are invited to come forward for Communion or a special blessing. In addition activity bags are provided to children when they come to worship. After communion is served, we invite the kids to go to our “Kids 4 Christ” Sunday School. Sunday School lasts approximately 1/2 hour.

What do you offer for babies and toddlers?

At this time we do not offer nursery care services. Babies and toddlers are welcome during our church service. We do not mind the “joyful noise” of the babies and toddlers in our service. If you feel the need, there is room in the back of the hall where you can take your child if he/she is fussy.

Where can you park for Sunday Worship Service?

There is plenty of parking available in front and around the SpringHill Suites Marriott hotel.