bringing faith and community together.

Ministries and Missions

Worship Ministries

Music Team Ministry

Prepared by Alice Ladomirak – Music Director 

The Music Team at Living Faith has been continuing to grow since we organized in April, 2017. During one of our worship services, I felt the Lord put in my heart to offer to lead this ministry. Pastor Maryanne agreed and since then, it has been a joy to serve the Lord and the congregation as the Music Director at Living Faith.

The past 8 months has been a time of transition for the Music Ministry. Bret and Kelly Williams (guitarist and vocalist), moved to a new town and so for a time it was Jim Docter and me leading the congregation in song each week. I thank God for the gift of Jim who is an amazing vocal leader, has a great sense of humor, and brings great ideas to the ministry. Not long after that, God tugged on the hearts of Mary Foley and Liz Chiolan to join the Music Ministry and use their musical talents in voice, keyboard and acoustical sounds each Sunday. Another joy on our team is Denise Walker. She uses her gift of worship through percussion. Denise is an amazing person, very humble and encourages the team in confidence through God’s Word. She adds a rich sound of percussion to the overall experience of worship.

The worship team is not just a few people that come together every Sunday and sing songs. We are siblings in Christ, dedicated to serve in worship as unto the Lord. If you feel God is calling you in some way to use your musical talents occasionally or on an ongoing basis, please talk with me.

Setup/Takedown Team

Prepared by Pastor Maryanne Kehlenbach

Living Faith rents space each Sunday to hold worship services, and so that means that each and every Sunday of the year, the space must be re-designed for worship. This process begins early on Sunday morning when a member of the congregation goes to the Living Faith storage facility to get the trailer that contains all that is needed for worship. Once the trailer arrives, members assist in unloading the trailer and transforming the space from a banquet hall to a worship sanctuary. Members of the congregation serve on various teams to prepare the welcome, information and refreshment tables. Some work on assembling the sound system for our musicians. Others will set up and “dress” the altar, preparing the Lord’s Table with communion elements, and candles. And still others will set out the cross, hang banners, put out prayer bears, prepare the seating area, arrange/bring flowers and make sure that the outdoor banners and signs are in position. But that is not all – when worship is complete – teams then come together to take everything down, clean the areas up and place everything back into bins and into the trailer. The trailer is then brought back to the Living Faith storage facility. This takes an entire team of people who dedicate their time every Sunday to ensure that our physical worship environment gives glory to God. If you are interested in serving, please speak with Carl Kehlenbach.

Communion Assistant Team

Prepared by Pastor Maryanne Kehlenbach

Each Sunday, 3 members of the congregation assist Pastor Maryanne with the distribution of the Lord’s Supper. Many thanks to Liz Travers for coordinating the schedule for this team. If you are interested in serving as a Communion Assistant, please contact Liz Travers.

Usher Team

Prepared by Pastor Maryanne Kehlenbach

Each Sunday, 2 members of the congregation serve as ushers during worship service. Many thanks to Larry Walker for coordinating the schedule for this team. If you are interested in serving as an Usher, please contact Larry Walker.

Greeter Team

Prepared by Pastor Maryanne Kehlenbach

Each Sunday, 1-2 members of the congregation serve as greeters, welcoming people to worship and helping them if it is there first time worshiping at Living Faith. Many thanks to Denise Walker for coordinating the schedule for this team. If you are interested in being a greeter, please contact Denise Walker.

Many thanks to everyone who serves on Sunday mornings before, during and after worship service. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed!

Faith Formation and Development Ministries


Prepared by Sharon Corcoran 

KIDS 4 CHRIST meets on Sunday mornings during the Adult Sermon. Children are invited to attend the worship service with their families, participate in Holy Communion and a Children’s Sermon and are then excused to participate in age appropriate Bible learning. We are in the process of immersing into the Stories of God – Old and New Testaments – each week. The children are being exposed to God’s Story through creative storytelling, interactive play and drama, art and music. We also give our children the opportunity to share God’s Story and their faith with the congregation during the Children’s Sermons.

We have had as many as twelve children participating regularly, and the joy of their enthusiasm is hard to control when Sunday School is announced during the service. Their hearts and minds are willing and eager to be a KID 4 CHRIST! We are always ready to welcome new teachers and assistants help tell God’s Story.

Bible Study

Prepared by George Scheuerlein 

Bible Study is held the first three Wednesday evenings from 7PM-8PM. This group gathers to read, review and discuss various biblical passages, stories, and related Christian documents to develop a deeper understanding God’s faithfulness to God’s people. Sessions are conducted by various group members, are always open to input from all attendees, and everyone is welcome.


Confirmation Study

Prepared by Pastor Maryanne Kehlenbach 

Living Faith currently has 3 students in the confirmation study program. These students have met throughout the Spring and Fall Semesters and also attended the October Florida Bahamas Synodical Confirmation Retreat held at Luther Springs Retreat Center. The students also created an Angel Tree and invited the congregation to take an angel from the tree and purchase a gift for a child that is a part of the Guardian-ad-Litem program. Students will continue in their studies in the 2018 Spring and Fall Semesters, deepening their understanding of Christ in their life everyday.

Outreach Ministries

The Bridge Christian Outreach Food Distribution

Prepared by Carl Kehlenbach

Living Faith Church has been involved with the Bridge Christian Outreach Ministry for over 4 years. Ever since beginning worship service, approximately 3 1/2 years ago, Living Faith Church has financially supported this ministry by tithing 5% of our weekly offerings to help pay for food that gets distributed 3 times a month to over a 100 families per week. To date, the amount of money donated by Living faith Church to the Bridge Christian Outreach Ministry totals $27,930.00. That’s enough money to feed approximately 7,000 families or 28,000 people!

In addition to providing financial support, Living Faith Church also has a number of volunteers who week after week go over to the distribution point in Jensen Beach and help unload, prepare and distribute the food to the families. It is through these volunteers hands, feet, warm smiles and conversation that Living Faith is able to spread the good news to those in need. iI you are interested in volunteering for this much needed outreach, please speak to Carl Kehlenbach.

Diaper Aid Ministry

Prepared by Denise Walker 

Living Faith Church saw a need to support families who were struggling to make ends meet and responded with the Diaper Aid Ministry.  In 2017 Diaper Aid gave 8,146 disposable infant diapers to financially challenged families through The Bridge Christian Outreach Ministry.  Diaper Aid saw a need for adults also and started giving adult disposable briefs (Depends) away as well and gave away 1,248 adult diapers in 2017.  Diaper Aid is looking to expand with the giving away of feminine products in 2018.  None of this could have been possible without the Living Faith family of caring supporters.  Ask how you can help.

Loving Hands Ministry

Prepared by Pat Waker (2) 

About two and a half years ago a small group of women decided to get together to knit or crochet lapghans for patients undergoing hospice care. Those who came brought caring hearts and an eagerness to learn. We named ourselves Living Faith’s Loving Hands Ministry.  In this short time we have made and donated over one hundred plus lapghans. We have also created twelve special cross blankets to be given during our baptisms and over fifty soft pocket crosses.

We have received both monetary and yarn contributions to sustain us. We meet on the first and third Monday of every month at the Bedford Park Clubhouse in Tradition. The first Monday at 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm and the third Monday at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Bring your loving hearts and hands to join us. You will feel the joy of giving, creativity, laughing together and sharing. All are welcome. We love to teach!

Stephen Ministry

Prepared by Alice Ladomirak

The Lord calls us to help carry each other’s burdens. Stephen Ministers are congregation members trained to provide high-quality and Christ centered one-on-one care that brings Christ’s love to hurting people.

At Living Faith Church, there are 2 members who are Stephen Ministers, Jeannie Boyle and Alice Ladomirak. Tuck Aaker, from Immanuel Church also assists our congregation. Between Immanuel Lutheran Church and Living Faith, there a 20 Stephens Ministers. Being that Living Faith is a growing family, there is a need to have more Stephen Ministers within our congregation.


Immanuel Lutheran Church provides the required 50 hours of training to become a Stephen Minister Care Giver. After the training is complete, the Care Giver is commissioned to serve as a Stephen Minister. This is a great opportunity to serve the body of Christ to those who need a listening ear, to pray, and to encourage. If God is tugging your heart to inquire about serving in this ministry, please see either Jeannie, Alice or Tuck.

Prayer Bear Ministry

Prepared by Jeannie Boyle 

Living Faith’s Prayer Bear Ministry blesses not only Living Faith parishioners, but others who receive Prayer Bears from us.  To date, we have distributed over 520 Prayer Bears, both locally, within the U.S., and even internationally; with 113 Prayer Bears going to new homes in 2017.  Prayer Bears given to others not only bless the receiver, but also the giver.  There are so many stories from Prayer Bear givers about the wonderful blessings the Prayer Bears have been to the receiver and equally felt by the giver.  So, feel free to take any Prayer Bear you desire, free of charge, for yourself or for someone else who will benefit from its blessings.

Miscellaneous Outreach Ministries

Lutheran World Relief

Pastor Marjorie Weiss spearheaded the team who worked on the Lutheran World Relief projects. With the help of the entire congregation, Living Faith created fleece blankets, personal hygiene kits as well as bars of soap to those in need throughout the world.

Sweet Cases

Erynne Herzog-Rooney spearheaded the Sweet Cases for children who are removed from their homes and placed into Foster Care Homes. With the monies raised, Sweet Cases were purchased and then the congregation decorated the special duffle bags and filled them with a blanket, teddy bear, coloring book and crayons as well as a personal hygiene kit. These cases were given to the Hibiscus Children’s Center Sanctuary4Kids.