bringing faith and community together.

This is a logical question to ask, especially when a new faith community is forming as is happening in Tradition. The answer to the question requires that we think about church not as a physical building, but as the gathering of God’s people. So – you and I – we, together are the church.

We worship together at the Creative Catering Banquet Hall at the Marriott SpringHill Suites every Sunday at 10am.

We hold small group gatherings during the week for Bible Study, prayer and fellowship in homes, in restaurants and neighborhood clubhouses. Our Kids 4 Christ Sunday School is a time for families with children to come together and learn the story of God and how we fit into God’s story. Sunday School is held during the Sunday Worship Service.

As God’s beloved children we are called to be active members of the community both locally as well as globally. We are called to be God’s unconditional loving Hands and Feet and speak up for the marginalized and those who are suffering from injustice. We are called to care for the poor, the sick and the lonely.  And so we will identify our passions and gifts, seek to understand the ways in which the Holy Spirit is active in our neighborhoods and the greater community as well as the world, and discern though prayer how we are being called into that activity.

This is a very exciting time as a new congregation of God’s beloved children begins to form. And your participation in this activity at its foundation will be perhaps the most important, fulfilling and creative work in your life.

Living Faith Church currently owns 3.43 acres of land at the intersection of Community Blvd. and Rowley Way in Tradition. This land will be used throughout our growth period for various outdoor activities.

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